Book Reviews

Clear Water by Nina

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pavati is dedicated to helping others, which shows in her career choice, being 22 fostering a teenager, and helping raise her friends baby brother.  But something is missing in Pavati’s life, she wants to know the brothers her mother and grandparents have been keeping her from her entire life. Pavati also finds herself wanting the man whose brother she is helping raise but who also just happen to be her brothers best friend. The moment Daily laid eyes on Pavati he knew there was something familiar about her, and she’s had this pull on him that he can only deny for so long. 

I loved On Us and all the drama the Porter brothers came with so when I saw Clear Water and the connection Pavati has to the Porter men I immediately put this on my TBR. Pavati was such a sweetheart, the way she cared for everyone was so genuine but don’t get on sis bad side because she did not play. The way the Porter men took to Pavati was so heartwarming. I enjoyed reading about the progression of her relationship with each brother. Sav crazy self had me cracking up the entire time. 

I loved me some Lake in On Us but Daly did not disappoint at all. I loved the way they “parented” Emery together and from there formed a friendship that morphed into a beautiful romance. I also loved how Pavati took to Daly’s sisters and Daly having a close connection to her brothers mad for a strong family dynamic throughout this book. 

I always enjoy getting updates on previous characters, I am wondering if we will get a book on Wreck. I can already tell there may be an Erie story coming our way because umm who was sis sneaking off with? I have questions that need answered.

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