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Charge It To The Game by Nai

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mahogany has taken over her fathers business with her god sister Tiffany and best friend Morae while her father is on lockdown. Being a woman in the game isn’t easy but its even harder when you are the boss. While Mahogany has the streets respect there is always going to be someone coming for her spot leaving Mahogany and her team scrambling to eliminate the threat.

Very rarely do I read a book where women are running the streets so I enjoyed reading about Mahogany, Tiffany, and Morae. These women are bosses, they played no games at all and I love it. I like how hard the women went for each other. Each woman knows her role and plays it very well, they did not try to step on each other toes or outdo each other, instead they worked as a unit and supported one another. Mahogany, Tiffany, and Morae are totally different and don’t try to fit into anyone’s expectations of who they should be.

I am very curious to see how the love interest introduced in this book will play out. Money was playing no games bro is down for the chase. The intro to Justice has me wanting more of this mystery man, I just know he is going to go hard behind his woman. I also need to know how this family drama is going to play out because when Mahogany puts two and two together its not going to be looking to good for the other party.

Nai left me wanting more so I cant wait for part 2.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited

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