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Demon’s Dream by Elle Kayson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Whew I have never not wanted a long book to end but after 747 pages I still want more. I really did not want this book to end, I slowed down when I got about 600 pages in because I realized it was coming to an end soon and I wasn’t ready. I absolutely loved this book. I experienced every emotion there is to feel while reading this. One moment I was laughing then the next thing I knew I was crying at 5am. I can’t believe Elle Kayson gave us 747 pages of nothing but amazing story telling that left me still wanting more. 


The character development for Demon was one for the books. Demon was just that a demon out here in these streets, but the way Dream was able to bring out Damien, sis deserved a medal for that. I knew Damien was a goner when he went through Dream’s phone. I enjoyed both Damien and the Demon side of him but when he would crack jokes, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Dream was everything, sis played no games and held nothing back. I loved her back and forth with Damien. While most people feared Demon, Dream challenged him at every turn, and I was here for it every single time. Dream was the good girl that took care of everyone else but herself, so it was good to see Damien taking care of her. Kam was a great addition to the storyline, him and Damien’s relationship was comical.

Smoke and Dayana were the second couple in the book and their journey to love was also a great addition. Dayana is Dream’s younger sister who is just as fiery as her sister. Smoke and Dayana were arranged to marry other people while Smoke’s didn’t work out prior to meeting Dayana, Dayana’s engagement on the other hand was moving right along until a chain of events occurred landing her right in the arms of Smoke. Smoke was just a ruthless as Demon in the streets, but I like how he didn’t fight his love for Dayana too much and for the most part went with the flow once he was able to deal with his grief.

Dream and Dayana’s father infuriated me from the very first page. I was ready for something to happen to him for the way he treated his daughters. But on the flip side I like how their grandfather spoke up when he needed to, and I loved the way he loved on Dream. 

This was an urban romance masterpiece that gave me the perfect amount of romance, crime, and suspense. The pace of this book flowed very well, once I started reading, I didn’t even think about how long this book was because I was just so caught up in the story that nothing else mattered. 

If Urban Fiction is your thing get into this one sis!!!!

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