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A Billionaire For Valentine’s Day by C. Monet

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Camille is being falsely accused of embezzlement putting her reputation and business in jeopardy. As her investors pull their investments for her company there is one investor that intimidates her and that she hasn’t heard from. Javonte wants to give Camille the benefit of doubt before he pulls his investment prematurely on top of that he has had an interest in her for a little while now. As their business venture grows so does their feelings for one another. 

Javonte and Camille were so intense. Javonte was arrogant and aggressive and I loved it. Listen he wanted Camille and he wasn’t above black mailing her to get her. Camille was not here for Javonte’s antics, she was a boss bitch and she was not afraid to let him know she wasn’t just going to fall in line for him. Camille was so used to doing for herself it was hard to sit back and let Javonte do anything for her outside of business, but he kept pushing because he had her best interest at heart. When Camille finally let go and allowed herself to feel for Javonte she was gonna ride for him no matter what. 

I have read a few of C. Monet books and really enjoy her writing style. I will be reading through her catalog eventually. This was a novella so it was a quick read that I enjoyed for this Valentines Day. I also enjoyed the playlist C. Monet put together for this read.

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