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Smitten by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

This is book two of the Accidentally In Love Series

Celena was ghosted by her ex of three years leaving her broken hearted and giving up on love. Karim just moved back home to open his own business and gets dragged into doing a friends a favor when he meets Celena and has to put in work to prove he is not that other dude.

This was such a cute drama free story. We met Celena in Adore You (link to review below) as Devorah’s co-worker and friend so I was very curious to find out why dude ghosted Celena. The way Celena and Karim met was cute, and I found it refreshing that they didn’t just jump in bed together. Karim took his time with Celena wanting to show her all men aren’t the same even through Celena was not here for it, sis was ready to give it up to Karim. I feel it though cause Karim was my type of guy, he was straight to the point, smooth but not in a player type of way, aggressive but not controlling, and persistent. Sis said he look like Ralph Angel, he is going in the book bae category for sure. 

I liked that there was no drama when they found out about their mutual connection. When the connection clicked for me I envisioned the response would be the dramatic response that would cause an issue in their relationship but that is not what we got and I really enjoyed that. It was a very mature response. Just like in Adore You I enjoyed the ladies friendship and how they kept it real with each other. PJ was a whole mess with his little crush, he had me cracking up talking about his little feelings. I am definitely ready for the next book in this series I want to see what Patricia attitude is all about. 

I am really enjoying reading through Nicole Falls catalog sis is a great writer and I haven’t been disappointed yet. 

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