Book Reviews

A Dirty Valentine by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

It’s Valentines Day and all Chenoa wants is to end her six year celibacy so she attends a lock and key party in hopes to do just that. 

Well damn that was hot. Why Nicole just leave me hanging like that. I need more of Chenoa and Jared, I mean I knew this was a Valentine short but I can’t help but want more of this hotness. 

I loved how Chenoa just went for what she wanted. Sis set out to get some dick, not a love connection or any type of relationship but someone to satisfy her sexual needs and that was it. I love how her bestie Mikey looked out for her, even with the smooth set up he had her best interest at heart even over his family. This was a super quick Valentines Day read that I enjoyed and that sex scene was 🔥🔥. Nicole knows how to write a fulfilling short. I am never disappointed.  

Categories: Book Reviews, Erotica

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