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Adore You by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

This is the first book in the Accidently In Love Series

Devorah is not the hopeless romantic type but she has always wanted to find a man that gives her the “zing” feeling, but she can’t seem to get past the 6 month mark with anyone until Ellis that is. Playboy Ellis never thought he would really settle down because the woman had to be the “UP” (unicorn princess) to get him to be in a committed relationship but Devorah turns out to be his UP. Only problem is Devorah dated Ellis younger brother.

Whew ya’ll this was a good read. If this was truly Nicole’s first published book sis came out the gate with some fire. Here I was thinking Devorah was about to fall in love with one man only for Nicole to switch it up on me. I won’t lie I was side eyeing Nicole cause I was like really brothers you gonna let sis fall in love with brothers. I had way to many questions. But of course as I kept reading and more of the story started to unfold I understood where sis was headed with this and was able to get onboard with the storyline. But honestly the story was so good she probably could of sold me on either storyline LOL

Devorah was getting on my nerves with her rules but Ellis was patient, he wanted his woman and was willing to work with and for her. I thought that was so cute. I thought for sure the storyline was gonna go one way and their jobs cause an issue for them but Nicole came with the switch up and took it in a totally different direction and I was so here for it. I love how super cute Rom Coms were referenced and used as Devorah’s grand gesture to get Ellis back. A lot of times its the man who messes up and has to try to get this woman back so I liked that Nicole switched it up and Devorah had to work to get her man back. 

The friendships with the secondary characters was also good to read about. Devorah’s friends didn’t cut her any slack when she messed up they got her all the way together. I always enjoy stories with honest friendships because to me that’s the only way to go, keep it real with your friends.

This was a novella but it wasn’t rushed and I don’t feel like anything was left out. I peeped the mention of the Drake siblings in Vegas from the CCJ books. Okay ladies I see y’all out here supporting each other I just love that type of sisterhood. I am glad I started with Nicole Falls as my first author to read through her catalog this year she is off to a great start. 

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