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Road To Love by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤

Lessons In Love Series

Emerson was going through a rough patch in LA so she decided to take some time off work and go home to Ragston Michigan for a few weeks. Emerson hit the road to drive the 36 hours home where she met Roosevelt who was on his own road trip from LA to move back home to Chicago after the passing of his grandmother. As fate would have it Roosevelt and Emerson were both dealing with similar family drama and was able to build not only a friendship but a love connection. 

I am working my way through Nicole Falls catalog and let me just say sis does not disappoint. Emerson and Roosevelts story was cute. I loved how they connected on a deeper level due to their shared family issues and religion. I related so much to this book because I spent half of my childhood as a Jehovahs Witness and I remember going through some of the very same issues and dealing with the judgment. I also saw the trauma my mother went through when she was cast out by her JW family members. So this book bought back some memories for me, however I enjoyed reading about the impact it had on these characters.

I like how their relationship progressed from strangers to friends then lovers. Ro’s cousin Rachel had me in tears with her prison pen pal jokes. Nicole is a master with the comedy. I also like how Emerson and Ro relationship progressed, they were friends who felt some attraction to each other but did not rush to act on that attraction instead they let their friendship progress into the inevitable love connection.

I usually give Nicole Falls 4 and 5 stars but I will say this one while good it was a little slow for me. I found myself taking a little longer to read it due to some drawn out parts that caused me to lose interest at times. Again the book was still good but I think I have gotten used to Nicoles reads being short, sweet, and to the point that this one took me for a little loop. I am still moving on to the next read in Nicoles catalog because sis is a great writer I just prefer her novellas but you may think differently so I would still recommend this read. 

This book is apart of a collaborative series with Té Russ and Bailey West. There are three best friends who all return home and each author writes about a different best friend. I am very interested to see how this collaborative series turns out.

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