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Acting On Love by Té Russ

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Book two in Lessons In Love series

Actress Roxanna (Rocki) is going through a scandal and needs some time away so her head of security convinces her to go home to Ragston Michigan for a while to get away. Only problem is her mom wants to set her up while she is home so Rocki convinces Seth to pretend to be her man. Only problem is they both actually have feelings for each other. 

Rocki and Seth were so cute thinking they could act like they were in love. The first chapter pulled me in and held my attention throughout the entire read. Rocki and Seth’s friendship was adorable and I knew as soon as he touched her in the right place she was gonna fall. Seth did not play about Rocki and I loved it. 

I have only read one other Té Russ reads and it was a short so I was happy to read a longer book, I really like sis writing style and I will definitely be checking out her full catalog. I read this book because it was a collaborative series with Nicole Falls Road To Love so I was really interested to see how this would all fit together and I must say I am impressed with these ladies. I love series most times the series is written by the same author but this series is about three friends written by three different authors. I liked the two different perspectives by the two talented authors. book

Review to book 1 and 3 in Lessons In Love Series

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Inn Love by Bailey West

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