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On The Rebound by Alexandra Warren

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Book three of Nymphs and Trojans Series

Kage is a go getter and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, not even when he gets hurt on the court, our when the woman he wants tells him NO. Bleu is a sports correspondent with one rule “Never date an athlete” only problem is Kage won’t take no for answer and each time she sees him she finds herself giving in a little more.

I loved me some Kage with his immature self. In book 1 Shots Not Taken I thought for sure Kage was gonna get Selena since he was going hard for her but in book 2 One Last Shot we quickly learned that Dre and Selena would end up together so I was a bit disappointed until Bleu came along and was more Kage’s speed. Listen when I say Kage worked to wear Bleu down, that man would not take no for an answers and it was hot. I was so here for Kage and Bleu. I loved that Bleu was a sports reporter, I always love reading about women doing jobs that are male dominated fields. Bleu was a boss with it too. Bleu and Kages chemistry was so hot, and their sex scenes OMG.

Ms. Jeanine was hilarious and her and Mr. Joe OMG they were too much. I also like how Alexandra added current events like COVID-19 and the NBA bubble in this book. This was a great read I’m looking forward to more of Alexandra’s books.

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