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Against The Stars by Skye Moon

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤.5

Best friends Quentin and Kaelynn decided to take their friendship to another level with the promise to not change anything else between them. Only Quentin doesn’t hold up to his end of the deal when he went away to pursue his football career leaving Kaelynn behind. Four years go by before Quentin returns home and has to face what he left behind. Quentin and Kaelynn realize they are still emotionally connected but as secrets unfold their newly rekindled friendship is in jeopardy. 

I was not at all expecting this storyline, there was a whole lot going on. Quentin broke Kaelyn to the core. Dude straight up left Kael and didn’t look back, I mean I get he was pursuing his career but he didn’t have to leave Kaelynn like that. Poor Kayson wanted Kael since high school and tried so hard to come in and mend the broken heart Q left Kael with but she just couldn’t love him like she loved Quentin. I felt bad for Kayson all he wanted was his family to be together and for Kaelynn to love him. I would love to get a story about Kayson. I loved little Bailey she had a big personality for a 3 year old and bought so much to this read.

There was good character development with both Quentin and Kaelyn, and I liked the progression of their relationship. It wasn’t an oh I kept this secret now get over it and live happily ever after. There were real consequences for Kaelyn and it took some time for Q to get over it before they could move on.

Another great Skye Moon read. I literally haven’t read a book by sis yet that I didn’t enjoy. I have also found myself not being able to take a break from her books.

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