A Love So Right by Skye Moon

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤.5

Raja experienced a tragic loss when he was younger and because of that he has closed off his heart to everyone except his family. Even his girlfriend of 5 years Ayanna cant penetrate his heart. After ending their relationship so Ayanna can find some one who makes her happy Raja finds himself drawn to Kimani who has also experienced tragedy in her life. Their pain brings them closer together and even when they try to remain only friends the chemistry between them forces them to admit their true feelings. Meanwhile Ayanna will do anything to get her man back.

After the woman Cain loved left him for another man Cain is only committed to his rap career and sick grandmother. When he meets Breylnn his attraction to her can’t keep him away no matter how hard he tries to ignore the feeling he gets when he even thinks of her. Breylnn knows what she wants and goes after it not taking no for an answer.

Shiloh is in a loving committed relationship but when her boyfriend starts pulling away her woman’s intuition is telling her something isn’t right and Cartier is there to help her pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Y’all Skye Moon does not disappoint. I loved these characters especially Kimani and Raja. I felt bad for Ayanna when her and Raja broke up but I completely understood the why behind it. They weren’t meant to be and it happens but sis refused to see it and wanted to force his hand which bought out the worst in her. Kimani on the other hand was able to bring out the best in Raja and Raja was able to see her for the woman she was and not the victim or villain people made her out to be. Kimani tragedy was so bad but so real that I felt for her and others who have been in her shoes.

Cain and Breylnn were so cute. I love how she supported and helped him through his situation with his grandmother. While Cain wanted Breylnn his focus was off so Breylnn stepped up and went after what she wanted and I was here for it.

Poor Shiloh got her little heart broken but sis knew it was coming so I was like why you shedding tears for that bum but as a woman I understood it at the same time. Cartier almost missed his shot with his games but I loved him and Shiloh’s dynamic once they got it together. I liked how Cartier was such a loving single father who took care of his responsibilities.

Skye Moon never disappoints! Everyone’s story was relatable and of course Skye comes with the drama that keeps you turning the page looking for more.

Categories: Romance

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