Unsilent Knight by Brookelyn Mosely

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

Cadence Nice is fresh out of a serious relationship when she moved into her new apartment, her first night she has a run in with her noisey neighbor Meki Knight and from that moment she can’t stand him. No matter how much of an asshole Meki is she cant deny how fine he is and the affect he has on her. The night before Christmas that hate turns to passion.

Whew Meki and Cadence were so funny with their little back and forth. I always enjoy a good enemies to lovers trope because the bickering back and forth leads to some hot passionate nights and Meki and Cadence were no different. When they got together it was hot. I didn’t think of this as an erotic story but it was a good read nonetheless. I cant wait to see what Love Deferred has in store for Cadence and Meki. 

Cadence ex had me wanting to throw a glass cup at his ass, whew Brookelyn knows how to pull you in and keep your attention. I enjoyed this quick funny read. 

Categories: Romance

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