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His Peace Her Storm by Shanel

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Genre: Romance

African Princess Aurora life changes when her older sister Yara arranged marriage falls through due to her behavior so Aurora is forced to take her place and is sent to America to marry Landon to help secure their families future. Landon’s father is in a messed up position when he can’t pay his debt to the African King so to make things right he arranges a marriage for his son Landon to the African Kings daughter. Not knowing what to really expect Landon and Aurora have totally different ideas on on how they will get through their situation but the chemistry between the two of them can only be denied for so long until they can no longer fight the growing feels they have for each other. 

I’m a fan of the arranged marriage trope, although I don’t read a lot of this trope whenever I do see it I jump right on it and Shanel did not disappoint. I loved me some Landon, he was committed to his situation from the beginning. I liked that Shanel showed us all sides of Landon, he was a straight goon in the streets but at the same time he was patient, caring, and respectful. The way he cared for Aurora from the very beginning was admirable. Landon never crossed any lines with Aurora until she gave him permission to, and when she did Landon opened Aurora’s eyes to a different type of marriage that she never knew existed. Aurora was so sweet and innocent but when she needed to she spoke up for herself and wasn’t backing down for anyone.

I enjoyed the progression of their relationship and how determined Landon was to make Aurora happy. Im a sucker for kids in a romance and Bryson was such a cutie pie with a big personality that bought a lot to the story. I also enjoyed the secondary romance with Damion and Yara, they had me cracking up with their antics. I honestly would have enjoyed a solo book about them, they were a whole mess. 

The only thing missing from this read for me was the African culture. I wish there would have been more of Aurora and Yara’s culture added into the book, while it didn’t take away from the story it’s what would have taken my rating from a 4.5 to a 5. This was my first Shanel read and it definitely wont be my last. If you are a fan of the arranged marriage trope I highly suggest this read. 

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