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Let’s Get Married by AshleyNicole

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Growing up in Preto everyone is in everyone’s business so it’s no surprise that the entire town has been trying to push Maali and Zach together through the years causing Maali and Zach to intentionally avoid each other growing up. Now their biological clocks are ticking and since they aren’t getting any younger they come to the conclusion that they might as well go ahead and get married and have the kids they both have always wanted.

Maali and Zach’s journey to love was so laid back and easy going that even when they experienced hardship they were able to navigate through it with a more laid back approach that worked for them. All of their drama came from their mothers and the noisy/messy residents of Preto Village. Those old ladies of Preto worked my nerve. Zack and Maali were so committed to their “business arrangement” that it made it easy for them to quickly fall in love. I enjoyed how easy it was for Maali and Zach’s relationship to develop and how they fell into their own rhythm effortlessly. Maali and Zach didn’t let any of the outside negativity get in the middle of their relationship, for the most part they didn’t even pay it any attention, and when Maali did let negativity affect her Zach was right there to reassure her they were solid. After giving us an emotional read with Gravity AshleyNicole gave us a lot of comedy in this read. There were a couple emotional parts in the book but I loved the way AshleyNicole wrote Maali and Zach’s response to it, it matched their personalities perfectly. It was nice to get an update on Charadee and Dr. Keegan, I thought their drama would have died down but lawd Keegan mama seemed to have gotten worse with her miserable self.

AshelyNicole is one of my favorite authors, I love everything she puts out, and I’m looking forward to more of Preto Village in future releases.

CW: miscarriage

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