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Studio 79 by Shae Sanders

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Castro is set to release her third album but after her second album flops and the label isn’t impressed with how the current album is coming along they call in Super Producer Romell “Danger” to work his magic like he did seven years ago. They have only 72 hours to get this album together or Castro’s career is at stake, the problem is its been five years since Romell and Castra ended their relationship and they haven’t seen each other since. To be able to get through the next 72 hours together they have to work through the pain they’ve been holding onto for five years.

Whew Shae Sanders never disappoints, I read this book in one sitting because I could not walk away from this read. I could feel the chemistry between Castra and Romell from the first page, not only was their love seeping from each pages but so was their pain. At the height of Castra’s career she had to make a life altering decision that not only would impact her career but also her relationship with the love of her life Romell. Castra has carried the guilt with her for five years which ultimately affected her career anyway. Romell on the other hand has had to live with the pain of Castra’s decision while his career soared to new heights.

While I liked Romell from the first page I was feeling some type of way about him but when the truth is finally revealed I was shocked and had to rethink my feelings for Romell, his pain all made sense then. I was glad when Castra owned up to her role in her decision and realized she was the one standing in the way of her own happiness. I loved how Romell pushed Castra in the booth and pulled the best out of her and how he supported her career and decisions even though it hurt him in the process.

I am more of a contemporary romance girl but it was nostalgic going back to the 90s when R&B was at its best. There were several references to 90s R&B influencers like Puffy, Teddy Riley, Brandy, Monica, Boys II Men etc. I was left wanting more of Romell and Castra, If Shae Sanders should be so inclined to give us a little update on this couple I would definitely jump at the chance to read it, but then again I jump at the chance to read any Shae Sanders read. This was an amazing second chance love story that I thoroughly enjoyed,

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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