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Uncovering Love by M. Monique

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tragedy struck for Gianna Phillips three years ago bringing her seemingly perfect world crashing down months before she gave birth to her first child. To cope Gianna focuses on raising her son, her business, and her version of the truth from the night that changed her life. Seasoned Detective Grey Summers is captivated by the Cocoa beauty that runs into him and has to know what lies behind her sad eyes. Getting to know Gianna is on his priority list right along with solving his homicide cold cases. When one of Grey’s cases exposes secrets and lies he is determined to give the families affected the justice they deserve.

I started reading Kingston and realized a couple of the Summer siblings had their own books so I put Kingston down to read them in order and I am so glad I did. M. Monique pulled me in from the very first chapter and had my full attention, I could not put this book down. I felt for Gianna and all she had been through because she wouldn’t accept what she was told about her loved ones. Grey bought some much needed light to Gianna’s life. I adored Grey’s relationship with Theo, from the first sighting Grey cared for Theo with no hesitation. Little Theo was just the cutest, it was nice to see him get the family his little heart needed. Gianna was not at all the crazy person people made her out to be and I was glad when she herself finally realized it and let Grey love her because that man was not giving up.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but it gave me not only romance but drama, suspense, and a plot twist I did but didn’t see coming. I loved me some Detective Grey, he was so passionate about his career and honey he did not play at all about Gianna and Theo. There was a moment in the hospital when Grey showed his vulnerability, the way he was there for Theo sealed their bond forever and almost had me in tears. As far as the suspense you will have to read it yourself to see what happens there but you wont be disappointed because M. Monique definitely delivers.

To read about Grey’s siblings click links below…Blu for his Twin Blu and Kingston for sister Tiffany.

Blu by M. Monique

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Kingston by M. Monique

Dating is hard for Tiffany Summers with two overprotective brothers who have been known to scare any man Tiffany brings around, so she vows that she wont date a man who cant handle her brothers. DEA Agent Kingston has always been committed to taking care of his grandmother, raising his brother, and his career. Falling…

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