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Blu by M. Monique

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blu has worked undercover for the FBI for several years but now as a retired agent he is working security and is asked to do a job that seems easy enough. Rap star Jacoba is in need of a long vacation after everything she has gone through over the last two years working a lot and coming out of an abusive relationship. For her long vacation she hires Blu who had been the object of her affection since the night he “saved her” from her ex. Determined to keep things professional with Jacoba Blu does everything he can to fight the growing feelings he has for Jacoba but Jacoba has other plans. 

This was another great suspense romance that I couldn’t put down. Honey Jacoba wanted Blu and was not taking no for an answer, I enjoyed her subtle advances on Blu and when he finally gave in it was hot, that man could not control himself with her. Blu was so mean but when Jacoba finally made her way into his heart he was so lovable but he did not play about his woman and was ready to take out anyone who was a threat to her.

Jacoba went through a lot in this book, sis had a drug dealing abusive ex who is determined to get his revenge, an overzealous manager who claimed her wanted what was best for her career, a stalker she has to kept quiet about, and hatin azz women who don’t want to see her succeed, on top of all the criticism she gets in the media. All this while she just wants to spend quality time with her family on her 6 week vacation. The suspense in this book kept me up all night fully engaged in this storyline. There were plot twist I didn’t even see coming.

This was another great read, I enjoyed getting to read more about Grey’s twin brother, if you want to read my review about Blu’s twin brother Grey click link for Uncovering Love book. If you want to read my review about Blu and Grey’s sister Tiffany click link for Kingston

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