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Kingston by M. Monique

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dating is hard for Tiffany Summers with two overprotective brothers who have been known to scare any man Tiffany brings around, so she vows that she wont date a man who cant handle her brothers. DEA Agent Kingston has always been committed to taking care of his grandmother, raising his brother, and his career. Falling in love has been the furthest thing from Kingstons mind until he laid eyes on Tiffany Summers, the one woman he knows will mess his head up. 

I knew from reading Uncovering Love and Blu that Blu and Grey were gonna give Kingston hell over Tiffany but Kingston wasn’t backing down, I loved Kingston and Grey’s back and forth and the development of their brotherhood. Tiffany was a goner from the moment Kingston showed he wasn’t t bothered by her brothers and I don’t blame her because Kingston was that dude. Tiffany was so attentive to Kingston and in return he showered her with love and attentiveness. I appreciated how Tiffany was committed to figuring out her career path and how supportive Kingston was. Tiffany and Kingston did have their issues but Kingston was not letting his woman go, that man would have scorched the earth for Tiffany. Kingston had a lot of weight he had to carry for his family but Tiffany was right by his side to help lighten his load. 

There was a bit of suspense in this book but more action since Kingston was an active DEA agent chasing perps down. There were some mysterious characters at the end that I am going to go back and read about (Houston and Dallas), looks like the there are couple of books in M. Monique’s catalog were about Houston and Dallas. I would also like to see how things go for Kingston’s brother August and his baby mama. The only thing I was missing in this book was Theo, since him and Tiffany had a bond in Uncovering Love I was looking forward to his little voice in this book. 

This was a great read that dealt with a couple heavy topics, it saddened me what Kingston had to go through with his dad but I enjoyed the little gems his mother left him when he looked back on conversations he had with her. Kingston was loyal almost to a fault, I was glad he saw the truth before he was loyal to someone who didn’t deserve it. 

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