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Drunk In Love by Tay Mo’nae

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ny’asia and Kazier spend one drunk night together in Vegas thinking they would go their separate ways in the morning, but come morning the news broke that Hip Hop star K-Don got married to an unknown woman. Ny’asia finds out she not only married K-Don but she is also pregnant with his child. To protect K-Don’s image Ny’asia agrees to move into Kazier’s home and play the role of his wife in public, neither of them expected to find love especially Kazier who doesn’t want to give up having any woman he wants to settle down, but when he starts having feeling for his wife any woman just wont do for Kazier anymore.

Whew this was a rollercoaster ride that I could not get off of. I was afraid Tay Mo’nae was going to leave us with a cliffhanger and we would have to wait for book two with the amount of drama in this read, I am so glad she didn’t and the couple got it together within the 467 pages. Ny’asia and Kazier were so guarded from their past relationships that it took a while for them to let it down especially Kazier. That dang on Kazier was a complete a**hole that was still doing his own thing in the beginning and was pissing me off. Slowly Kazier started to open up to the idea of having a wife and a kid. Tay Mo’nae did her thing on Kazier’s character development because in the beginning I was not here for his antics but by the end I forgave him for all the grimy stuff he was doing and ended up liking him. When Kazier finally fell in love he loved hard and I enjoyed reading about his transformation.

Ny’asia did not play, she took no shit from anyone, not Kazier, his momma, her parents, or the women she had to deal with because of Kazier. Sis was not afraid to speak her mind and I loved it. I also loved Ny’asia’s hustle as well, she wanted to stand on her own and not live off Kazier but sis wasn’t a dummy she was gonna use her new found fame to her advantage. I adored the relationships Kazier had with his family, they did not hesitated to let Kazier know when he messed up. The way his family embraced Ny’asia and took up for her when Kazier was wrong was admirable. Whew and the sexual chemistry between Kazier and Ny’asia was fire, bro got down and nasty with his woman honey.

I hope we get a spin off for Iris and her nosey self, could her and YJ have a little chemistry? Or maybe I made that up in my head. Anyway Tay Mo’nae wrote the hell out of this book, I haven’t read her full catalog yet but I have never been disappointed with any of the books I I have read so far.

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