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Frisco: Welcome To The Woods by Bianca Xaviera

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Since Yakima became dating age her detective father told her to stay away from men like Frisco Matisse. After her friend talks Yakima into going to a pool party that ends up getting raided Yakima finds herself sneaking into Frisco’s house. After Frisco catches Yakima in his house he makes it a point to find out everything there is to know about Yakima. When Frisco finds out Yakima’s connection to his enemy he decides to form a relationship with Yakima for leverage. His business decision not only affects him and Yakima but also his 6-year relationship with girlfriend Alyce. Frisco has his plan all worked out but he never factored in falling in love. 

Listen Bianca Xaviera had me in a chokehold with this book. I loved Frisco and Yakima. Frisco was a boss honey, whenever he spoke everyone fell in line but when it came to Yakima bro fell all the way in line. I loved Yakima’s personality, she was a boss chick in her own way plus she was determined, inquisitive, talkative, and funny. I like how she was able to bring the playful side out of Frisco. Frisco had me feeling like it was real from day one so I don’t blame Yakima for falling hard for the man. I felt bad for Alyce but you can’t help who you love, plus ain’t no way I would of went along with Frisco’s plan in the first place. Bro would have had me all the way fucked up. I don’t care how good the D is. Ain’t nothing like a boss who will beg his woman to forgive him. I probably would have forgiven Frisco a lot sooner because bro had me weak for him so kudos for Yakima for holding out as long as she did. Babay Yakima and Frisco in the bedroom was everything, the way she had that man going crazy was 🔥🔥🔥 I loved the Matisse brothers dynamic. I hope we get more of them. This was only my second BX read but I am hooked okay. I can’t wait to read through sis catalog. I couldn’t put either of her books I read down, so I just know this catalog is about to be 🔥. Frisco: Welcome To The Woods is my favorite book so far this year. If you are looking for a funny book with a few twists and turns, a mob boss, and a woman who can hold her own get into this one. 

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