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Bounce Back by Nicole Falls

Rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Book four of Nymphs and Trojans series

Micaiah overseas basketball career is coming to an end and she is looking forward to going back home and starting a new chapter in her life. As she is making plans she gets an offer to play for the Nymphs, seeing as this is her life long dream she accepts the offer and heads to the wubble in Florida where she runs into Victor. Victor is a single father who works as a physical therapist for a WNBA team who is playing in the wubble. Victor isn’t looking for love but when him and his daughter Navi run into his childhood crush he can’t resist taking advantage of this new opportunity.

I just loved this story. Navi, Vic, and Mickey were so cute. Navi was such a little grown lady with a big personality, she made the story to me. Mickey didn’t play about Vic. I like their storyline of being childhood friends who had a crush on each other, Micaiah’s family moved away and they reconnected as adults. Navi and Mickey’s relationship was so adorable, Navi took to Mickey right away and was crazy about her.

This was a nice family romance. I love stories that have cute kids with big personalities. I truly enjoyed the Nymphs and Trojans series, both Nicole Falls and Alexandra Warren did a great job. I gave all the books either a 4 or a 5, there wasn’t any book in this series that I didn’t enjoy. 

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