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New Year Bae-Solutions (8 book series)

All eight books reviewed in this post

All in all this was a good collection of shorts. I always enjoy reading a series like this as it gives me a chance to read some authors that are new to me and breaks up my normal reading habits a little. This also helped me do a little countdown from Christmas till the New Year because every morning I work up anticipating another release so I enjoyed the thrill of a new early morning 6 am read for the 8 days these came out. I found several new authors to add to my TBR list this year.

Eight Naughty Nights by Nicole Falls

Synopsis: Octavia way gifted a trip to an exclusive resort where she vowed to enjoy her time and find a man to unwind with. In walks Lance who literally swept her off her feet and after one night together they agreed to spend their entire trip together no strings and leave the trip and each other behind.

Opinion: This was hot. Lance literally swept her off her feet and onto the dance floor. I mean they really had tunnel vision the moment he walked into the party and I felt that lawd. Of course I knew with their chemistry there was no way they would be able to just leave each other behind. Octavia had Lance wrapped around her finger, he couldn’t help but give her what she wanted. I was all into the fraud going down at her company the forensic accountant side of me wanted more of that story 🤣.

Overall I wasn’t left with wanting more so I felt the ending was complete even though it was short. I have been reading a lot of Nicole’s shorts this holiday season and she definitely knows how to give you a quick read without being aggravated and feeling like you didn’t get enough.

Seven Month Drought by Sherelle Green

Synopsis: Isaac lost a poker game to his best friend Cheyenne that he would go seven months without sex which takes him to his birthday and New Year’s Day. Cheyenne sets Isaac up on three New Year’s dates to help him get some action after his seven month drought only Isaac doesn’t want just anyone after his drought is over he wants Cheyenne.

Opinion: This was a cute friends to lovers story. It grabbed my attention from the first chapter but I found myself thinking they played way to many games when they could of just been together, which made it a relatable storyline and took my back to my early 20’s and playing games when you really wanted someone. Cheyenne and Isaac’s friends already knew what they were on so they weren’t fooling anyone but themselves.

Sherelle say this was two previous characters Meeka and Tone from her book Single AF were in this read so now I am going to have to go back and read about them, they were a cute couple to read about as well. I haven’t read any of Sherelle Green’s books so I think that will be a great place for me to start.

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