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New Year Bae-Solutions (8 book series)

Six More Minutes by A.C. Arthur

Synopsis: Gemma and Myles have been fooling around with no strings for a year now. The traveling every couple of months to see each other, short text, and phone conversations aren’t enough for Gemma anymore but does Myles want to risk losing her if he doesn’t want more.

Opinion: Gemma and Myles were hot and I really liked their storyline of casual sex but evolving into more. This was definitely a relatable story. The only issue for me is I felt like I was missing a lot of backstory. Maybe their storyline will make more sense to me going back and reading A.C. Arthur previous books about their families. Since this was my first A.C. Arthur read I was a little confused as the back stories didn’t provide a lot of information but I am thinking previous books will help clear some things up for me. Otherwise this was a good New Year read and I do like A.C. Arthur writing style.

Five Midnight Moments by Sheryl Lister

Synopsis: Valencia is dating her boss Dwayne but due to the no fraternization clause at their company they have dated in secret for four months. Valencia is tired of the secrecy and wants to break it off before the New Year but Dwayne wants to use the next five midnight moments to prove to Valencia they should be together.

Opinion: This was such a romantic story. Valencia was concerned about her job and was tired of dating in secret but I just kept thinking if Dwayne is the owner why not just change the policy, but the way Dwayne went about proving his love was so romantic. What woman wouldn’t want to be showered with meaningful gifts every night at midnight. The ending OMG that was soooo romantic there was no way Valencia would have been able to turn Dwayne down with that proposal.

I’m thinking a connection between Leah (Valencia best friend) and Dwight (Dwayne’s brother) would be amazing. This was a very romantic quick New Year read that I really enjoyed.

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