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New Year Bae-Solutions (8 book series)

Four Page Letter by Angela Seals

Synopsis: Four years ago on NYE Dale and Eve met and developed a relationship knowing Dale was moving overseas for a job. They agreed to not only talk and text frequently but to write four page letters each month and to always spend NYE together during his four years away. However long distance relationship are challenging and they find it a struggle to make it work.

Opinion: I really enjoyed this short it was totally different than I expected. Eve and Dale were too cute and I loved the idea of the letters it took me back to my high school letter writing days. Each chapter started with a letter one of them wrote to the other and their arrangement seemed to be working for a little while until Eve popped up on Dale and her trust issues started to show. Dale was the typical male and let his pride get in the way of making his woman feel secure in their relationship, I am glad his sister takes some sense into him.

I will definitely be checking out Angela Seal’s catalog as I really enjoyed her writing style. This was a quick but good long distance relationship New Year read.

Three Wrong Dates by Kelsey Green

Synopsis: Ivory was a privileged socialite who was expected to date a certain type of man while Jackson (Chef) was a man who lived by his own rules. Their assumptions about each other lead them to not getting along until they finally got to know a little more about each other.

Opinion: Ivory and Chef’s banter way so cute. The very first paragraph drew me in, I was thinking wait, what is happening right now. As the story continued I was not at all disappointed. There was comedy and I was able to connect with the characters. I didn’t like Ivory at first but just like Chef I warmed up to her and found myself feeling sorry for her. I enjoyed this quick and funny New Year read and will definitely be checking out Kelsey Green’s catalog.

Pages: 1 2 3 4

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